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“I’m done with that now”… Changing your perspective

When we look to change something in our lives, we are usually looking to stop something or start something, this may be:

  • Dairy, Gluten, Alcohol, Coffee,
  • Procrastinating, not taking action
  • Prioritizing sleep,
  • New exercise regime
  • Stopping Negative thinking
  • A relationship that isn’t serving you well
  • Starting that new venture
  • Learning a new skill
  • Change of career path

Have you ever wondered why we may do well for a week, maybe 2, but then slowly the success declines, we creep back to old habits.

This could be for a few reasons however mind-set has so much to do with this, when we set these goals or choose to eliminate something in order to change we see it as “giving something up” – we then start to sub consciously think about

“Well… that person that lives with this in their life is all I know, it’s all I have done for years – so who am I without it?”

Our Mind-set tricks us to think we are missing out, or losing a bit of our identity, entering into unfamiliar ground, eg:

“If I start going to bed earlier, what will I be missing out on or no longer have time to do?”

The key to changing this is looking back and saying,

” That chapter of my life, I’m done with it now, it was great eating what I wanted, drinking too much, it was fun, I loved it, but now it’s time to move on.


Think of it as just something you are “done with” now.  I want to complete that chapter and put it behind me as an experience!  You haven’t “lost” anything, that part of your life is just complete and fulfilled, it’s time to move on.


I encourage you to write a list of things, or maybe it’s just one main thing that you want to be done with?

What changes do you want to make in your life?

It could be:

“I’m done being someone that doesn’t exercise and I’m looking forward to becoming someone who has a regular plan to move my body”

In this instance, you will not spend your time thinking, “But that means I’ll miss sleeping in, or sitting on the couch watching Netflix, you will say, “I loved sleeping in and watching Netflix every night, but I’ve done that and now it’s time for a different experience

It might be:

“I’m done with being someone coasting through life with the “one day goals” that never happen……

… I want to now move on and have the experience of becoming someone who takes action, sets and achieves goals”

The amazing thing about life is that we can have a buffet of amazing experiences along the way – don’t limit yourself to only trying some of the things or the same old things that aren’t serving you…..

All you have to change is your perspective and then ask yourself what’s next on the menu??

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