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Do you live in the Present, Past or Future?

Being present……I would love to hear from everyone about what this means to you…

I was going for a run the other day and I was thinking about how amazing the power of living in the NOW is.  We have heard of the saying,

“you cant change the past and cant control the future so live in the now”

When I really thought about that I realized that we live based of and in reaction to our emotions…..sometimes they control us a little too much, sometimes they are more intense than we would like or can deal with….we find ways to squash it down, to dull the pain….to cover up the joy in fear you might loose it…so many ways we deal or don’t deal with emotions. 

WORRY/ANXIETY/STRESS springs from thinking too much in the future about what might happen…..

GUILT/SHAME/REGRET stems from thinking in our past… where its not possible to ONLY ever be in the present – we need to focus on this more than we do currently is all I’m suggesting.  

Start small……notice a trees leaves moving slightly in the breeze when sitting on lunch or walking…..people watch…….notice something new on the same way you walk to work every day……be present with your partner/family/kids more when they are talking to you… will find yourself feeling joy, happiness, gratitude…..calmness…..yes those other thoughts will still be there, but being present and focusing on what you can see, smell, hear right in that moment helps to shhh that other noise! Its not going anywhere don’t worry….but the more we find ourselves being in the presence of these other emotions, the easier it is to deal with the heavy stuff!

I would love to hear any experiences or feedback you have on this.

Great book recommendation to learn more about this: The Power of now by Eckhart Tolle

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