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Your field guide to happiness! Life in Bhutan

Landing in Paro, Bhutan is one of the most dangerous landings in the world where only 17 pilots are qualified to land there! In my previous role, I was lucky enough to visit Bhutan twice, once on a work trip to experience the mystic land and again as I guided my own tour group there.  There is no place like it on earth.  You step out of the plane and feel the country wrap its arms around you straight away, so much calm, love, and peace.

Nestled between India and Tibet this gem is often referred to as the “last Shangri-La” in the world.

I could go on about my travels there (ask me if you want to know more!) but the lasting impression on me was their state of happiness, now this isn’t just a “feeling” it’s a fact!

Since 1972 Gross national happiness (GNH) is a philosophy that guides the government and people of Bhutan.  It uses an index to measure the collective happiness and well-being of a population. 

They say that happiness is a “fundamental human goal”

The nine domains of Gross national happiness index are ….

  • Psychological well-being
  • Health
  • Time use
  • Education
  • Cultural diversity and resilience
  • Good governance
  • Community vitality
  • Ecological diversity and resilience
  • Living standards

How often do we assess these areas of our lives? They are each HUGE topic in their own rights.  I urge you to take some time to sit and really think about these areas in your life currently, be gentle and kind on yourself always though, some things we cannot control yes, but there is a heck of a lot we can control! Where do you sit currently in these areas on a scale of 1-10 and where would you ideally like to be?

We NEED to be reflecting on the parts of life that build our overall happiness and fulfillment.  If you want some help with one or any of these areas please get in touch.

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