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Have you tried the attitude of Gratitude?

Who remembers their parents saying,

”Just be grateful” or “show some gratitude”

Or do you hear yourself saying it to your kids/grand kids/students?……I was having a coaching conversation the other day and it hit me….

Do we actually TEACH our young ones gratitude? Its something we expect of them. In yet so many of us as grown-ups sometimes do not know how to live with a bit more gratitude in our life!

It is the small stuff we need to teach ourselves and young ones to be grateful for….

  • Sight
  • Having running water
  • Nature
  • Sunshine
  • Rain….

The list could go on!

I got my daughter a gratitude diary and she is to, before sleep, right 3 things she is grateful for…..its easy….you can start them from a young age… it yourself even or together as a family! It creates an amazing amount of joy, it’s addictive and can actually have physical changes on your brain and therefore your mindset over time. Challenge yourself to a week of doing it, notice how it makes you feel……notice if you happen to start involuntarily find yourself doing it during the day…in your lunch break…that means its working!!!!  Your brain starts to get used to finding the beauty and joy in everything around us!!  There is so much of it if we just stop to notice.  Share with me your stories of gratitude…big or small. I would love to hear about it.

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